Remanufactured Laptops – Our Promise On Quality

It’s understandable that you would want to find the most affordable option when buying computer equipment. Whether for home, personal or for the corporate environment you would want the best value for money. At C2KIT we can offer you the best solution with remanufactured laptops and refurbished A grade computers, with an extended warranty. We test all our products extensively and restore them to “like new”.

Where Do Our Remanufactured Laptops Come From?

We import our equipment from our international partners via our C2KIT branch in the UK, in addition to procuring stock from our local registered, accredited partners. We import products which are sourced from reputable international companies and corporates situated in Europe, the USA and the UAE. These companies release this equipment after an “upgrade cycle”. Business entities overseas often refresh and upgrade their IT equipment on a fixed short-term cycle. In other words, the period for this upgrade cycle is significantly lower for overseas companies, than it is here in South Africa.

Why C2KIT?

The market for refurbished computers and remanufactured laptops has become highly competitive in South Africa recently. C2KIT is a fully accredited and authorised re-seller of this equipment. Our experienced team back up the high quality equipment we supply with expert knowledge and excellent after sales support. Furthermore we offer extended warranties, which is testament to the confidence we have in the quality of our products.

Extended Warranties

The One and Two Year Hardware Warranties which we offer, are a promise on quality. We supply remanufactured and refurbished products which are thoroughly tested. Our Microsoft accredited remanufacturers use state-of-the-art laser technology to check for any imperfections. We have established our solid track record in this industry over many years. We will always honour all of our hardware warranties. Our comprehensive Returns Policy gives you extra peace of mind, should the situation arise. However, our superior testing and selection processes mean that it is rarely used.

Microsoft Windows Licensing

The Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Program (MAR) enables Microsoft to work with large refurbishers to license genuine software on refurbished computers for the commercial market. C2KIT is a registered member of the MAR Program. The program allows us to offer Genuine Microsoft Licence upgrades at a much lower cost. We always supply genuine Microsoft Windows Licenses with all of the equipment we sell. Microsoft have an easy-to-use FAQ Page on their website regarding their software HERE .

Our Products

We have chosen to stock remanufactured laptops from only the best computer brands from around the world. Lenovo, Dell and HP are three of the most respected names in the industry. And they certainly deliver on that excellent reputation.


Lenovo has a well-deserved reputation as the “king of productivity”. With their focus on long battery life and excellent usability, Lenovo’s best laptops – especially their ThinkPads – enable your best work output. In fact, they were voted as Laptop Mag’s Best Laptop Brand for 2018.

Dell is synonymous with consistency and forward-thinking. For this reason, the Latitude series is favoured across the globe as a high-end business notebook which delivers.

HP Ultrabooks are the ultimate business tool. These high-quality performance devices are world renowned for their innovation and versatility. They are currently on top of the recently released Laptop Mag’s 2019 Best & Worst Laptop Brands list.

Our Promise To You

At C2KIT we offer you very affordable remanufactured laptops and refurbished computers, originally build by the most trusted brands. Moreover, we back up our quality products with extended hardware warranties. Our experienced team will support you throughout. Brand Spanking Used™ laptops for sale have never looked this good!