Laptop Rentals – Why Your Business Should Consider It

Setting up the IT equipment for your established business is an expensive exercise. The biggest worry is that you will be buying assets which depreciate immediately. The ongoing maintenance adds to those costs too. As the equipment ages, the maintenance increases. Your company’s net productivity also drops off. The resulting downtime frustrates both employees and customers alike. Additionally, for you to remain competitive with your rivals the equipment will have to be replaced after 24 to 36 months. Have you considered computer or laptop rentals?

There must surely be an alternative to buying?

Renting office equipment in South Africa is not a new concept – you can rent almost anything for your office space. So why not consider computer rentals too? Laptop rentals just make more sense for businesses, no matter the size of your enterprise. The computer rental terms can be tailored to your business’s specific needs, over 24 or 36 months.

What are the advantages of computer rentals?

The most obvious benefit of laptop or computer rentals is that there is no large initial capital outlay. The costs are monthly, making it a very attractive prospect, especially for small and medium enterprises. The monthly rental costs are fixed for the term of your lease agreement. There will also be a 0% escalation during your rental term. VAT is also not capitalised upfront – instead it is paid monthly, with each rental instalment.

The remanufactured and refurbished laptop rental units we supply are more cost effective than new units. They have been restored to BETTER THAN NEW in most cases. The value-for-money to your enterprise is immense. You will significantly reduce your carbon footprint when choose our remanufactured or refurbished laptop rentals. All of these advantages are significant in saving you money in the medium and long term.

Laptops Rentals from C2KIT just make complete business sense!

The depreciation of IT assets is no longer and issue with computer rentals. Once your rental term is up, you can simply upgrade to newer units when you renew your agreement with us. We guarantee that there will be zero loss in quality or performance with our remanufactured or refurbished laptop rentals.

What about a Warranty on Laptop Rentals?

Computer rentals have warranties too. When you choose a refurbished unit for your desktop rental plan, there is a ONE Year Fetch, Repair & Return Hardware Limited Warranty. Should you decide on a remanufactured laptop rental unit instead, you will have a TWO Year Collect, Repair and Return Limited Warranty. That’s is one less thing to worry about!

Does your business qualify for computer rental?

This is where we discuss the business end of the deal. Your business should have been established for at least 3 years, for it to qualify for computer rentals from C2KIT. The next step is to submit a rental request from our website or via direct email. The full range of products on our website is eligible for a rental agreement and there is a wide variety to choose from. Your order must have a minimum value of R30 000 excl. VAT to qualify for the approval process. Our consultants are available to help you with every step of the way.

The way to go

For businesses who want a cost effective way of stying in touch with current IT technology to kept abreast with their competitors, laptop rental is the way to go. Get in touch with us today to see if your business qualifies for our computer rental plan.  For more info please visit our How Rental works Page