Why Buy a Refurbished Desktop Computers?

If you are in the know, you may have noticed the emerging trend of purchasing Refurbished Desktop Computers.  Some people may think this is not the best of ideas, C2Kit sees this as an opportunity to show you why it is, in fact, a great one and can save you as much as 70% while offering the same benefits.

You should know that the word “refurbished” doesn’t mean the same thing as the word “used” or “second-hand.”  Simply put, a used or second-hand PC refers to a PC that has been used for a period of time and then discarded, for whatever reason.  They are generally sold as-is, so there is a definite potential for something to break soon after you purchase it.

Refurbished Desktop Computers refer to a product which has been purchased used over a period and then replaced.   C2KIT collects the used computers and refurbishes them, fixing any problems.  We are so confident in our work, that we warranty all our refurbished Desktop computers with a 1 Year warranty.   So you won’t be getting a broken down piece of junk, but a high-quality, almost new piece of equipment.   Model, demo and floor units can also constitute a refurbished item as well as items that have been used for reviewing.  Equipment might get damaged during shipping, we take this equipment and put it through the same refurbished process.

Purchasing Refurbished Desktop Computers

Purchasing Refurbished Desktop Computers also works out a less expensive than buying new.  Some are sold for up to 70% less than their out-of-the-box equivalents.  This means that you will be able to purchase a computer that far outranks what you could afford if you were buying new.   Ultimately, you can benefit in numerous ways if you intend to buy refurbished through a reputable business like C2Kit.

At C2Kit, we are experts in the area of Refurbished Desktop Computers.  Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us by sending an email to [email protected] or simply give us a call on +27 (0) 879 411 225 so that we can advise you on the subject of refurbishment.   We are located at Unit 21, Boundary Corner, on the corner of Boundary and Malibongwe in Kyasands, Northriding.   You would also be welcome to pay us a visit to get first-hand assistance with your computer related issues or with any question you may have.