The Right refurbished desktops for you.

Pre-owned Refurbished Desktop

Pre-owned refurbished desktop computers that are restored to the highest A grade level possible.  Covering a variety of brands such as DELL, Hewlett Packard and Lenovo to name just a few.

When it comes to desktop computers South Africa we have everything you need.  From mighty refurbished workstation towers built for graphic designers and sophisticated flight simulator software right down to refurbished ultra-small form factor pcs.  We have the refurbished build perfect for home media streaming and call center facilities.

Packed with a variety of components of varying specifications we have refurbished computer builds to meet any demand.  Whether it be for personal use or widespread business deployment.  A multitude of upgrade paths are available making customization very easy and any requirements met with ease.

Refurbished Workstation Processor Options

We offer a standard base build across all of our different tier options that you may upgrade further if needed.

Starting with entry-level Intel Core 2 Duos.  These are perfect for reception desks, basic home pcs, schools and training centers.  They have enough power to get you through your day to day checking of emails, internet browsing and office suite work.

Followed by Intel Core i3 and i5 builds these have a generous amount more of power.  They allow much faster productivity in business, options to be able to power decent dedicated graphics cards for basic gaming and editing as well as overall performance and longevity.

On the top end, we can also offer specialized high-end Intel Core i7 and Intel Xeon CPU refurbished builds.  These refurbished power workstation towers are specifically aimed at gaming enthusiasts and professionals who do extensive editing such as CAD and Photoshop.  The Intel Xeon refurbished builds are also used in businesses as desktop servers due to their extensive customizability and expansion capacities.

The right refurbished builds

All the refurbished desktop units will come with recommended ram and hard drive offerings.  They have options to increase capacities as well as being able to upgrade and install lightning-fast solid-state hard drives for increased performance speeds of up to 400%.

The possibilities here are endless.

Here at C2KIT you have a one source solution for all your needs at the best quality and affordable price you can get.