The Power of Going Solar

Many South Africans struggle with the burden of load shedding, whether at work or at home the constant cutting off of our electricity comes with a number of issues. Load shedding halts industry and factory production and office work comes to a halt. At home we also experience a multitude of issues as a result of power cuts. The freezer begins to defrost and food spoils, dinner time approaches and we cannot produce a warm meal for our families. All of these issues can be bypassed by going solar for which South Africa’s climate is actually ideal and solar energy can be used to power many things from watches to water heaters to lighting and transportation.

With the cost of electricity constantly on the rise and in a country that struggles economically, the use of solar power for businesses and at home needs to be seriously considered. Its seems an obvious thing to state but the more sunlight solar panels receive the more energy they produce now consider the fact that South Africa’s climate allows for an average of 2500 hours of sunlight on a yearly basis. The initial setup may seem costly but in the long run the money saved on paying for electricity will equal the setup cost and once that cost is covered your electricity will be completely free.

The use of solar energy also affords us the opportunity to cut our carbon emission output and allows us to do our part with regard to environmental conservation.

Benefits to the environment

At this point in world history we can observe a number of environmental issues, the planet earth is getting warmer, sea levels are rising with the help of glacial melting and our seasons are getting shorter in length. These are the reasons why we need to consider attempting to lessen our carbon output. There are a number of ways in which we can do this, we could travel around using a bicycle instead of driving cars, being vigilant about recycling and switching over to solar power. Making the change encourages the halt of natural resource exhaustion.

Delivering Energy at a Low Cost

The average home or business has to deal with monthly utility bills which can put a massive strain on your financial stability. Switching to solar powered energy provides an affordable alternative to the usage of fossil fuels, the money saved on utilities could be well spent on other things. This can potentially increase your quality of life in a variety ways.

Encouraging Job Creation

An increased demand for solar power means an increase in the manufacturing, distribution and installation of materials. This in turn will assist in job creation and the rise of opportunities for locals to find employment.

A Stable and Independent Source of Energy

The sun is a stable and consistent source of energy which we can harness for our own benefit as well as the benefit of the earth as a whole. One person can own the sun and therefore energy provided by this celestial body cannot be taxed. In other words the cost of solar energy will remain stable even when we are experiencing economic difficulties. This is an extremely attractive aspect of solar power and something that will pay off in the long run as the future is uncertain and unpredictable.

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