PC Cleaning and Data Backup on the Seagate Portable Expansion Drive 1.5 TB

With computers being such an integral part of our daily lives, it becomes important to keep them in a state of good health. This is why C2Kit recommends that you designate time to the upkeep of your computer. To do this you will need a can of compressed air, a vacuum cleaner and an external storage device, something like the Seagate Portable Expansion Drive 1.5 TB.

It’s good to do this on a regular basis and we would advise you do this kind of digital clean up at least once a year.


Every computer has built-in fans that are designed to keep all the components of your PC cool. The problem is that these fans become dusty over time and require a thorough cleaning every so often.

Fan cleaning requires that you turn off and unplug your computer, after this you will have to remove the panels each side. Get your hands on a can of compressed air and have your vacuum cleaner ready before you start. Use the can of compressed air to clean all the corners and hard to reach places, for everything else you can use your vacuum cleaner, carefully. Pay special attention to the fans on the processor as well as your graphics card.

Storage Availability

Photos, data files, programs and media that you don’t use should be removed from your PC. Delete any doubles in terms of pictures and music. Have a close look at your documents; those that you don’t use or think you won’t need in the future should be trashed. Don’t forget to empty you computers trash/bin.

There are applications available which will scan your PC in search of these types of unused or duplicated data files, making this an easy little job for you. This also provides you with an opportunity to do some reorganising if necessary.

Preforming a Backup of Important Files

Once you have competed the initial clean up, you should back up all your important files. You can copy all of this data to your external hard drive, just in case.

C2Kit offers a number of external storage devices for purchase. Come into our shop front located at Unit 23, Boundary corner the corner of Boundary and Malibongwe in Kyasands (Northriding) to purchase your Seagate Portable Expansion Drive 1.5 TB.

Don’t forget to make a regular effort to maintain the files saved on your Seagate Portable Expansion Drive 1.5 TB.